What do we need

Whew, are you sure this is only going to take an hour?  Yes, these are only fill in the blanks exercises except for calculating the scores on the "who are we" worksheet.  There is one more worksheet that you might want to use throughout the project.  We call this worksheet "what do we need".  Again, it's a list. 
On this worksheet, you list all of the supplies and materials that you are going to need to complete the project, when you need them, and the expected cost.  For instance, to start with you might need a notebook, file folders, paper, etc.  In corporations, this might be called a material resources plan.  If you use this worksheet throughout the project, it will be very easy for you to produce your expense statement at the end of the project.  Besides, it makes a great shopping list.
Put the worksheet in the Budget/Receipts folder in the archive.
What Next?
You are now through the first phase and it probably only took you an hour.  You are now prepared to proceed to the planning phase.  We will have more worksheets and lists that will help yhou with that process. Good luck!

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