Become a Sponsor

There are several opportunities for you and your organization to be supporters of the students and the competition:

  • Introduce the Future City program to middle schools with which your organization has a relationship.  This program is designed to provide additional STEM education and mentoring opportunities, reaching students throughout Arizona.
  • Provide expertise in Project Management or the SimCitytm software.  Like working with other projects, students are required to develop and execute a project plan. Helping them with this process will increase their success. The students use SimCitytm as the basis for the computer model developed by the students.  Students, teachers and mentors need additional support and training on both the software and technical environment.
  • Promote employee involvement in the Future City program from within your organization using internal communication channels and volunteer recognition initiatives.
  • Provide expertise in media relations, public outreach, finance, competition planning or a variety of other functions necessary for a high quality program. 
  • Provide financial support to assure that all interested student teams have an opportunity to participate, compete and be recognized for their efforts. 

There are four general levels of sponsorship:

Platinum Sponsor over $10,000
Gold Sponsor $5,000 - 10,000
Silver Sponsor $1,000 - 5,000
Bronze Sponsor up to $1000

All monies collected are used for the Arizona Region competition.  Major sponsors will be recognized in publications, media releases and signage at the competition in accordance with DiscoverE policy.  

Each sponsor is requested to take an active role at the various events and program activities. 

You are encouraged to provide a corporate display at the regional finals.  The corporate display is intended to accomplish several purposes:

  • It explains what your organization does in the community and the state and your contributions to technology and engineering.
  • It describes what jobs engineers and technical professionals do and how they contribute to the success of your organization.
  • It challenges the students by providing educational objectives and requirements that are required by your organization.