There are many volunteer opportunities in the Future City Competition-Arizona Region team besides teacher-sponsors, engineer mentors, and competition judges. Some opportunities are year-round while others are for specific events.

Year-Round Opportunities

Leadership Team - volunteers ensure the Future City Competition - Arizona Region is the best possible experience for all participating students and teachers. They ensure that all of the training, registration, and event facilities are in place for the competition. The leadership team is responsible for the entire Future City Competition in the Arizona region.

Media Relations Team - volunteers promote the Future City Competition to media outlets such as newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations. Team members write press releases, arrange interviews, prepare public service announcements, etc.

Relationship Managers - volunteers act as personal representatives of the Future City Competition to a group of teacher-sponsors. Team members work with the competition registrar to ensure that the teachers that they represent are fully informed. They also act to assist teachers through any problems they encounter in the competition.

Administrative - volunteers with skills such as fundraising, video production, accounting, and website management assure that the Future City Competition-Arizona Region operates smoothly.

Event Activities

Library Host (January) - volunteers host the scale model exhibition at the Burton Barr library the week prior to the competition. They greet members of the public, distribute Public Choice Award ballots, answer questions about the exhibition and the competition, and ensure that the scale models are not damaged. Volunteer time may be as little as an hour or as much as a morning, afternoon, or evening shift.

Scale Model Mover (January) - on the afternoon before competition day (Friday), volunteers move scale models from the library to the ASU Memorial Union. They load a semi truck at the library, unload it at the school, and move the scale models to the school's gymnasium.

Day of Event Volunteer (January) - volunteers perform various tasks during the Future City Competition event. Tasks include moving scale models from the gymnasium to the presentation rooms, serving as hall monitors, distributing lunches, or other tasks as needed.