Welcome to the Future City Competition! You are the people that make the competition go, the ones that make it a contest. Your participation in all parts of the competition decides which teams move on to the regional finals.

If you are new to the Future City Competition, this will give you an idea of what the judges do. You will be assigned to a judging team, usually with 3 to 5 members. You are encouraged to recruit your peers from the office, professional societies, school, clubs, etc. The more the merrier. Your team will meet to evaluate all team deliverables: the SimCity computer model, Research Essay, Narrative, Physical Model and Project Plan before everyone comes together for the Regional Competition. Your team will be assigned random student teams for judging at each step. The number of student teams you will be given to score will depend on the number of judging teams available, so your job will be easier the more judges (teams) you recruit.

On the Saturday of the Regional Competition, everyone meets at the ASU Memorial Union for the big show that brings it all together. All the student teams will be there, accompanied by a host of teachers, mentors, parents, siblings, fans, etc. Your judging team will be one of several that will be evaluating student team presentations. You will find this to be the most frenetic, fascinating, and rewarding day of the Future City Competition Experience.

Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. The nice folks at the National Future City Competition have put together grading rubrics for each phase of the competition, so all you have to do is check the boxes and add up the scores. 

During the competition period (August-January) we host training sessions for teachers, mentors, students and judges. Also, the Arizona Region Future City Competition members of the organizing committee are always available to answer questions or lend a hand throughout the weeks of the competition.

A Future City Competition Judge will invest about 30 hours in the judging process from November - January (the region finals).

Welcome aboard! We are glad you are here.

If you are not registered for 2016-2017 competition, register here.